Closing the Distance


Closing the Distance produced by The Audio Drama Initiative. A podcast series released by Apple consists of ten short stories about regular people dealing with the coronavirus pandemic performed by some amazing actors. I’ve written six of the episodes! Here’s a list of them along with the performers.

An aging trophy wife questions her past priorities and comes to grips with her future in Being Seen. (Kathleen Turner)

The mother of a four year old tries to resolve her feelings of anger at the world with her boundless love for her daughter as she finally accepts she can’t do everything on her own in Working from Home. (Kelli O’Hara)

A regular at a bar loses the camaraderie of his fellow drinkers and in his isolation is forced to reexamine his failed marriage in Second Thoughts. (Tony Danza)

A struggling young couple manage to keep a sense of humor while dealing with the disappointment of their cancelled nuptials in Wedding Day. (Lesli Margherita, Casey Breves)

The dark comedy The Man Who Couldn’t Google is about a writer who lives alone and prides himself on his independence until he finds himself helpless when he loses his glasses. (Jason Alexander)

In Windows, a young woman who was too busy to get to know her neighbors is thrown into a life and death situation with one of them when she finds a lost pet. (Performer TBA)

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