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Photo Credit: Jonny Marlow / CPi Syndication

KEITH DAVID (Cyrus Holt)

Cyrus is the son of a coal miner, an embittered yet proud Vietnam veteran, and a charismatic, world-renowned novelist who isn’t the least bit interested in accolades yet is unable to live without them. He regards his gift as a sort of insanity—voices in his head — that he’s unable to tame but comes to accept as his fate. After being diagnosed with a terminal illness, he’s found himself reevaluating his allegiance to his art and the effect it has had on his loved ones.

  • He played the lead as Floyd “Schoolboy” Barton in August Wilson’s Seven Guitars on Broadway.
  • David received a Tony Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor in a Musical for his performance in Jelly’s Last Jam.
  •  Known for his roles in Greenleaf, Platoon, Crash, The Princess and the Frog, and the upcoming Netflix series From Scratch with Zoe Saldana.
  • His narration for Ken Burns resulted in Emmys for The War, Unforgivable Blackness, and Jackie Robinson.
  • Known for his signature deep voice and commanding screen presence.


Lana is the stunning, volatile ex-wife of Cyrus Holt and the mother of his two children. Married young and divorced badly, she both relishes and regrets the sacrifices she made to support Cyrus that included her career as a dancer and even her safety during a time when interracial couples were openly attacked. After decades apart, she finds herself helplessly drawn back to him by his surprising vulnerability, the very quality that once destroyed her love for him.

  • Cross began her career in seminal soap operas and quickly jumped to starring in three of the most successful broadcast television series of all time, culminating with her nine year run as the lead in Desperate Housewives.
  • Marcia is a three time Golden Globe nominee, an Emmy nominee, and a three time nominee for the Screen Actors Guild Awards.
    • All individual nominations were for Best Actress
  • Cross recently concluded a successful run on the ABC hit series Quantico.

BRYAN BATT (Bruston Fischer)

Bruston is a legendary literary agent known for his wit, wardrobe, and zealous devotion to his clients. Feeling increasingly out of place in the modern day world of apps and Crocs, he soldiers on armed with impeccable style and a wry sense of humor. His unlikely friendship with the African American writer, Cyrus Holt — that began in an era when both race and sexual orientation were violently judged — is the most defining relationship of his life and one that will be put to the test as it nears its possible end.

  • Best known for his co-starring role in the groundbreaking AMC series Mad Men as Salvatore Romano
    • Batt received two Screen Actors Guild Awards for his performance as Sal.
  • His breakthrough role was in the motion picture Jeffrey, written by Paul Rudnick, where he co-starred opposite Patrick Stewart, Sigourney Weaver, and Nathan Lane.
    • The motion picture Jeffrey was produced by Mitchell Maxwell.