Fragile Beasts, coverFragile Beasts is a novel of attachments that grow almost despite themselves, and the novel grows on the reader the same waygradually but with determination. O’Dell tells her story with integrity, setting up a human situation and offering a few pithy answers for the reader to consider. It’s a rich journey, and one worth taking.” [more]
—The Denver Post

Fragile Beasts marks an impressive step forward for the talented O’Dell, who has broadened her horizons without abandoning her home turf.” [more]
The Chicago Tribune

“O’Dell has written a compelling, poignant story in Fragile Beasts, so masterfully told that the reader closes the book with true regret and a longing for more.” [more]
—Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

“Another gem.”—People

“O’Dell has once again delivered a marvelous cast of characters and a riveting plot that sweeps the reader along as secrets are revealed, and old wrongs set right.”

“O’Dell’s Fragile Beasts is the story of all of ushuman and animal, who are nothing more than fragile beasts. . . . O’Dell’s book is at times funny and sad, but is always touching.”
Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star

“When this book is made into a movie, which it ought to be, we can only hope that the director avoids Hollywood-izing the sly, mysterious connection between Candace and Luis…In Fragile Beasts, O’Dell takes the bull by the horns!”
—Chicago Sun-Times

“As a native of the western Pennsylvania coal country, Tawni O’Dell easily captured the feel of her blue-collar milieu in her first three novels . . . She’s back home with her latest.” [more]
—New York Post

“In this tough and tender tale, O’Dell’s triumphant portrait of loss and rejection, sanctuary and redemption, shines with poignancy, dignity, and transcendent joy.”

“O’Dell’s love for the fallen-on-hard-times coal country shines through in her fourth novel. A unique blend of such disparate elements as baseball, bullfighting, and fine art along with O’Dell’s multifaceted major and minor characters combine for intriguing vision. Her hard-hitting, well-crafted story packs a wallop.”
—Library Journal

“O’Dell’s a pro at capturing dialogue, and some characters’ wisecracks are laugh-out-loud funny . . .this gritty novel is a memorable read.”
—Publisher’s Weekly

“O’Dell crafts a strong, moving story . . . O’Dell’s eye for class conflict remains as sharp as ever . . . her most mature novel, opening new paths for this talented writer.”

“Fragile Beasts, O’Dell’s fourth novel, showcases her talent once again for crafting seamlessly interwoven narratives and three-dimensional worlds, complete with damaged, well-sketched characters and authentic detail . . .This is the type of book perfect for summer reading—full of page-turning conflict, emotional tension, tinges of humor and beautiful prose: Four-hundred pages have never moved so quickly.” [more]
—Pittsburgh Magazine